Journey to Somewhere at the Age of 3

Hi guys!! Today, I’m going to talk about a part of my life. I’m going to share my first time I go to school with you guys!!

It’s was a warm sunny day in the month of May. When the Sun is rising through the clouds and my destiny begins. Today was the day I’m bound to face my fears. It was the day, it sill stings me every time I think about it… Toady is the first day of school!!

My journey begins 12 years ago, when I was 3. I suit up with y mother’s help and got in a four wheeled transporter called a car. Along the way to “school” I started wondering about what what school will be. Some said schools are hell for kids. However,  some said they are heaven to them. But hearing from others are just stories compared to seeing it with your own eyes. When we reached the school, I started crying out loud with fear. The reason I did that was because I saw two women walking down the pathway and I was afraid.. I climbed to the back of the back of the car and hid there until my my Mom carried me out. With my tears falling, and my Mom leaving to work, I found myself stranded in dismay. I couldn’t control myself, until a warm touch touched me on my shoulder and picked me up . I could feel the smoothness and the warmness. Suddenly, my tears stop falling and I stopped crying.

She puts me in a room full of kids my age. When she gently lay me down, everyone gathers and starts talking to me. I could feel their curiosity and the way the talk to me makes me feel really comfortable. After a few small chats, I started playing with them, it really cheered me up! At the end of the day, we became friends.

When I came home, I think to myself. “School wasn’t so bad after all”


Lesson Learned.

Last month I’ve gotten a chance to work as an architect!!.. Ummmm not really, but close to 😛

My school gave us ninth grade students a chance to shadow any job we would like or prefer to study. I’ve chosen to shadow as an architect! An architect is a person who calculate and design houses for people. The houses designs differ from each other because the customers have different uses and needs for the house. Some might want it to be useful and most convenient as possible, others might want it to be artistic with new designs and fashions.

The job shadowing program lasted for a week and here are the things I learned and wanted to share with you guys!

A life of an architect is not as easy as some of us might think. It takes responsibilities, creativeness, and love. Yes, the most important thing in working is love. Having love in doing things allows you to take out your maximum power into focusing about your work. Not only in working, but also in studying and playing. You might wonder, “Why do I have to love what I’m doing, it’s just my job i need to do”. So, remember what I said about loving what you do? It allows you to use your power to the maximum and allows you to focus on what you are doing. When you are focused, the time around you flies fast, like in playing games or doing what you like. It works the same with loving what you do. And when you love what you do, the outcome of the work became magnificent, literately, the work just become its best just because you love in doing it. So start finding love in what you do and enjoy it!!!

Thank guys for reading, if you have and experience or comments you want to share just comment me!! 😀