Studying Path in the Future!

So now, I’m studying in ninth grade and I’m starting to wonder, what I would like to study in the future. I bet that this idea once crossed everyone’s mind. This question bothered me for days, until I decided to choose the job; architect. I chose to study this job because I like designing and building structures. My career path to this job is not yet clear (obviously), but I would like to try this job out for now. In the future, I don’t know what my occupation will be, but an architect will definitely be one of my choices. In the future, I would also like to open my own design   company for buildings, architectures, or even product designs. My study path to this dream is that I’ll study architecture for my bachelor’s degree and I will study business management for my master’s degree so I could both manage and work with my colleagues! I would like to study  both my bachelor’s degree and master degree in National University of Singapore (NUS), because it’s not really far from where I’m staying (Thailand) which makes lots of things easier for me. Travelling will be easy and I don’t have to adapt much to the climate because it’s very near! The courses I want to study there are Business Administration and Architecture!

But there is always a second plan, it’s not really a second plan but I would also want to study in MIT. I want to study there because there are more different things to explore and the university meets my interest. First, it’s far from where I’m staying right now which makes a huge difference in living there. Second, MIT offers the best architecture course in the world (You couldn’t go wrong with that right? :D). Lastly, I want to go to other places around the world and experience new things!

I would like to study for 6 years; 4 in architecture and 2 in business administration. So I need to prepare myself and study harder. I need to be able to get an A or AO in the A level test so I can attend NUS. I would also like to suggest you guys to try hard for what you want to do because the future begins today with what we choose to do!!

So, that’s what I would like to study in the future. What are your the courses you want to take? Comment bellow!! Share your opinions with me!! Thank you guys for reading! Have a nice day!! 😀