Germany? Where to Go?!?!

Hi guys! I’m Camp and welcome back once again to my blog!! Next month on the 25th October to the 2nd November I’ll be going to Germany and Austria!! Yay!!! XD

I’m really excited to go on this trip because I NEVER went to a European country before in my life, like never. On this trip, I’m going with my Mom and my brother. We’re are going to the southern part of Germany, and later to Austria. My trip is starting in Munich and after that we’ll be going to Frankfurt. We’re going to have a night there before we continue our journey to Stuttgart. Then, we’ll be going to Austria next in the third or forth day. By the way, the reason we are visiting Germany and Austria is because my older brother had interests in being a musician in the future. So this trip is like an education trip for him, to see if he really want  to be a musician. ( I’m not that interested in classical music (obviously) but I’m there for the German sausages!!! I heard many rumors that German sausages are one of the best in the world!!! I couldn’t reject that opportunity right guys? xD.) After leaving for Austria, we’ll be going to settle in Salzburg and later maybe to Vienna.

This trip is not yet complete and still lacks many programs, so I’m asking for your help to give me some ideas about where should I visit in Germany and Austria!! Leave a comment below for any place you find interesting and I will definitely check that out! Thank you guys for reading!!! Cya!!


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