Germany? Where to Go?!?!

Hi guys! I’m Camp and welcome back once again to my blog!! Next month on the 25th October to the 2nd November I’ll be going to Germany and Austria!! Yay!!! XD

I’m really excited to go on this trip because I NEVER went to a European country before in my life, like never. On this trip, I’m going with my Mom and my brother. We’re are going to the southern part of Germany, and later to Austria. My trip is starting in Munich and after that we’ll be going to Frankfurt. We’re going to have a night there before we continue our journey to Stuttgart. Then, we’ll be going to Austria next in the third or forth day. By the way, the reason we are visiting Germany and Austria is because my older brother had interests in being a musician in the future. So this trip is like an education trip for him, to see if he really want  to be a musician. ( I’m not that interested in classical music (obviously) but I’m there for the German sausages!!! I heard many rumors that German sausages are one of the best in the world!!! I couldn’t reject that opportunity right guys? xD.) After leaving for Austria, we’ll be going to settle in Salzburg and later maybe to Vienna.

This trip is not yet complete and still lacks many programs, so I’m asking for your help to give me some ideas about where should I visit in Germany and Austria!! Leave a comment below for any place you find interesting and I will definitely check that out! Thank you guys for reading!!! Cya!!


A Place I Dreamed..

Have you ever dreamed of going somewhere where you had never been to?

Have you ever imagined you woke up in a different place?

Have you ever imagined a place you could enjoy for days without boredom?

A place you wished you could stay there forever!

Hi guys! Today I’ll be talking to you guys about a place I want to visit and spend some of my time there!

There are many beautiful places around the world. Some of them might meet your interest, some might not. I have chosen one of the places I want to visit in the future and I will share it with you!!

The first place I want to visit is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany! Because of the cold, the snow ( in winter) and the idyllic setting of the castle makes it one of the best places I want to visit. This castle during the winter will be covered with snow and frozen trees. The castle will fade into the pureness of the snow, making it breathtaking. During Autumn, the castle will be surrounded with red leaves of the trees and the scenery couldn’t be explained in words.. This castle is like an imagination to me. Coming out of a fairy tale with a magnificent breathtaking architecture… That will surely complete one part of my life 😀

So this is the place I need to visit once in my life time!! What are yours? Share it with me!! Thanks guys! Cya! 😀

Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter
Neuschwanstein Castle in Winter

Journey to Somewhere at the Age of 3

Hi guys!! Today, I’m going to talk about a part of my life. I’m going to share my first time I go to school with you guys!!

It’s was a warm sunny day in the month of May. When the Sun is rising through the clouds and my destiny begins. Today was the day I’m bound to face my fears. It was the day, it sill stings me every time I think about it… Toady is the first day of school!!

My journey begins 12 years ago, when I was 3. I suit up with y mother’s help and got in a four wheeled transporter called a car. Along the way to “school” I started wondering about what what school will be. Some said schools are hell for kids. However,  some said they are heaven to them. But hearing from others are just stories compared to seeing it with your own eyes. When we reached the school, I started crying out loud with fear. The reason I did that was because I saw two women walking down the pathway and I was afraid.. I climbed to the back of the back of the car and hid there until my my Mom carried me out. With my tears falling, and my Mom leaving to work, I found myself stranded in dismay. I couldn’t control myself, until a warm touch touched me on my shoulder and picked me up . I could feel the smoothness and the warmness. Suddenly, my tears stop falling and I stopped crying.

She puts me in a room full of kids my age. When she gently lay me down, everyone gathers and starts talking to me. I could feel their curiosity and the way the talk to me makes me feel really comfortable. After a few small chats, I started playing with them, it really cheered me up! At the end of the day, we became friends.

When I came home, I think to myself. “School wasn’t so bad after all”

Studying Path in the Future!

So now, I’m studying in ninth grade and I’m starting to wonder, what I would like to study in the future. I bet that this idea once crossed everyone’s mind. This question bothered me for days, until I decided to choose the job; architect. I chose to study this job because I like designing and building structures. My career path to this job is not yet clear (obviously), but I would like to try this job out for now. In the future, I don’t know what my occupation will be, but an architect will definitely be one of my choices. In the future, I would also like to open my own design   company for buildings, architectures, or even product designs. My study path to this dream is that I’ll study architecture for my bachelor’s degree and I will study business management for my master’s degree so I could both manage and work with my colleagues! I would like to study  both my bachelor’s degree and master degree in National University of Singapore (NUS), because it’s not really far from where I’m staying (Thailand) which makes lots of things easier for me. Travelling will be easy and I don’t have to adapt much to the climate because it’s very near! The courses I want to study there are Business Administration and Architecture!

But there is always a second plan, it’s not really a second plan but I would also want to study in MIT. I want to study there because there are more different things to explore and the university meets my interest. First, it’s far from where I’m staying right now which makes a huge difference in living there. Second, MIT offers the best architecture course in the world (You couldn’t go wrong with that right? :D). Lastly, I want to go to other places around the world and experience new things!

I would like to study for 6 years; 4 in architecture and 2 in business administration. So I need to prepare myself and study harder. I need to be able to get an A or AO in the A level test so I can attend NUS. I would also like to suggest you guys to try hard for what you want to do because the future begins today with what we choose to do!!

So, that’s what I would like to study in the future. What are your the courses you want to take? Comment bellow!! Share your opinions with me!! Thank you guys for reading! Have a nice day!! 😀

Lesson Learned.

Last month I’ve gotten a chance to work as an architect!!.. Ummmm not really, but close to 😛

My school gave us ninth grade students a chance to shadow any job we would like or prefer to study. I’ve chosen to shadow as an architect! An architect is a person who calculate and design houses for people. The houses designs differ from each other because the customers have different uses and needs for the house. Some might want it to be useful and most convenient as possible, others might want it to be artistic with new designs and fashions.

The job shadowing program lasted for a week and here are the things I learned and wanted to share with you guys!

A life of an architect is not as easy as some of us might think. It takes responsibilities, creativeness, and love. Yes, the most important thing in working is love. Having love in doing things allows you to take out your maximum power into focusing about your work. Not only in working, but also in studying and playing. You might wonder, “Why do I have to love what I’m doing, it’s just my job i need to do”. So, remember what I said about loving what you do? It allows you to use your power to the maximum and allows you to focus on what you are doing. When you are focused, the time around you flies fast, like in playing games or doing what you like. It works the same with loving what you do. And when you love what you do, the outcome of the work became magnificent, literately, the work just become its best just because you love in doing it. So start finding love in what you do and enjoy it!!!

Thank guys for reading, if you have and experience or comments you want to share just comment me!! 😀

India ? o.O

India ? o.O

Three pants, five shirts, and some pairs of socks and I’m ready for India !

My trip to India was.. I don’t know whether it’s incredible or it was just bad.. One thing incredible about this trip to Leh is that the view was just extraordinary, I don’t think you can find any view as unique as this one. The mountains, the valleys, the lake and all the landscape was just… beyond my expectations. Everything was nice until I found out about this tour company. This tour company was also beyond my expectation…. Let me ask you guys ; What do you guys expect from a tour company? Being on time, A nice well-rounded knowledge about the place and the sites we see, and after all, a pleasant trip. Well, nothing was as expected.. First, when we reached Manali, we were all tired and EXPECTED a  guide to be waiting for us and lead us to the hotel. But what we saw was nobody, No one was there for us, then we contacted the company and wasked what happened. The answer we got was that ” Oh sorry, the guide couldn’t get there in time. He’s going to catch you in Leh.” and that was like 7 hours drive from where we are right now…. Ok guys.. I’m not going to complain any longer. XD Ok, so next is my diary about this trip !!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015. My plane was bound to India on midnight.. We traveled for 4 hours on the plane. It’s not very long so jet lagging is not a problem. Next, I need to catch the domestic plane to Leh, that’ll be one hour and a half of sitting on again. Leh is 3000 meters above sea level, so as soon as I got out of the plane, I could hardly breath. We traveled for another 1 hour to the hotel we are staying. Everything was fine until I started to feel a headache, this was caused by the changing of altitude, so I have to take a break. After waking up in the afternoon, it got better, I have no more problem breathing as much as I have on the time I arrived. Today was the first day, nothing much was done because of we needed to rest and adapt our body to the altitude of the place.

Monday, July 27, 2015. Our plan for us today is to go to the monasteries all day long. We went to the Leh Palace, Shey Monasteries, The Shanti Stupa. Every place was great, Nice views, unique architectures and different background histories. The most I liked out of the 3 is the Leh Palace, it is a big palace used to be the home of the Leh Kingdom. But now it is a tourist attraction. There is nothing to do much after all except for the long way ride and a rocky road.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Today is the day I’m excited about, because we are going to the Pangong Lake !! Pangong lake is considered one of the large lakes in the world, and the thing that makes it unique is that it’s located on top of the mountain but the water is salty !! I’m very excited to go there and I hope nothing unfortunate happens….. Speaking of the devil..  here he comes.. Unfortunately the us driver can to pick us late.. No, it was not ten or twenty minutes, It took us 2 Hours!! We we’re suppose to start driving at 9 am, but the bus came to us at 11 am. Everyone was mad and unhappy, We called the tour company and asked what happened but no one knows…. Anyway, we took the road to Pangong Lake, which will be around 4-5 hours drive from the place we’re in. Everyone was very disappointed by that…. But just when we reached the lake. All the madness and the negative feeling just drops of our shoulder, the view we we’re seeing was like enchanted, the lake was just absurdly beautiful… We reached there at around 5-6 p.m. but there are still lights, reflecting through the waves of the sea. The mountain range reigns over like it has no end. The light from the Sun flashing through surfaces of the mountain to make it even more beautiful. We hurried out of the car to witness the art of nature, we spend almost an hour there just admiring and taking photos and even tasting that if the water is real salty or not :P.Then that night we took a rest in a hotel near the lake. It was the best night in the trip. 😀

The rest of the trip turns out to be quite like the first two day, amazing views but a bad management tour guide we have. I really enjoy coming to India this time cause it allows me to step put of my comfort zone and start doing things differently. 😀

Thanky you guys !

Trip to India!

Trip to India!

Hi guys!!! I’m Camp and this is my first blog. On the upcoming week I’ll be travelling by plane to India and take a jeep through the mountains. I also will be taking pictures and writing down blogs for you guys. I’ll be going to India at 26th July to New Delhi and take a plane to Leh Ladakh in the same day. I’ll be travelling with my Mom and some of my Mom’s friends who are doctors and teachers!! Leah is a city near Pakistan, which is around 5000 meters above sea level! The area is really hard to visit because it is high up in the mountains and I’m really excited about it!!!  The areas are covered with vast mountains and large lakes and the weather is somewhat cold. I’ll be taking pictures and writing down blogs for you guys, stay tuned!

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